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Cicekdagi (Kırsehir) Sewage Network Construction

Construction of waste water interceptor and network lines in town called Cicekdagi(Kırsehir). It was completed in 2006 with a cost of 7.885.551$ (with the cost of 2007).

In the construction;

  • L=2.677,35 m Ø1400 mm BA pipe
  • L=910 ,36m Ø1200 mm BA pipe
  • L=1.633 ,50m Ø1000 mm BA pipe
  • L=494 ,15m Ø800 mm BA pipe
  • L=2.281,95 m Ø600 mm B pipe
  • L=1.210 ,40m Ø500 mm B pipe
  • L=3.015 ,75m Ø400 mm B pipe
  • L=7.658 ,85m Ø300 mm B pipe
  • L=72.053,85 m Ø200 mm B pipe has been laid.

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