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General Information

ATİLLA CONSTRUCTION TOURISM AND TRADING CO. INC. was established in 1968 as “YÜKSEL ATİLLA COMPANY LLC.” Since the day of its establishment it has completed the construction of various infrastructures, the majority of which are drinking water and sewerage installations, in different parts of the country. The value of the completed works done under the previous title of “YÜKSEL ATİLLA LLC.” is around 130.141.596 YTL (100.108.920 $). So far this corporation, which now operates under the legal personality of ATİLLA CONSTRUCTION TOURISM AND TRADING CO. INC. has, under this legal personality, completed additional works valued at 137.844.063 YTL (106.033.895 $) thus reaching a total of 267.985.659 YTL (206.142.814 $) in completed works.

The total value of the works still in progress under the corporation’s contracts is around 62.400.000 YTL. (48.000.000 $) When the percentage of completion is considered, 17.500.000 YTL (13.461.538 $) is the portion of it that is currently completed in full.

The corporation in its past of more than 40 years, did not have any project which ended with termination or became the subject of any dispute. Until today, this corporation has worked in full harmony with its employers and always received appreciation for its meticulousness in construction quality. At the present time, it has 21 earth moving machines, 2 concrete pipe production plants, 9 trucks and a wide auxiliary equipment park. It employs 16 engineers, 21 topographers, technicians and other intermediate personnel, and 14 financial-administrative personnel as permanent staff.

Corporation’s works in progress has created job opportunities for nearly 320 persons.

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